Date of the event: 29th Feb 2020
Reporting Time and Briefing: 8:00 AM
Number of participants: 1 member per team
Organizing committee : Mr. Sandeep Shrivastva (9986222913) and Mr. Sachin George Varghese


There are 2 stages of the competition
I. Designing wine label
II. Menu planning & table laying

I. Designing wine label

1. This competition involves designing and drawing of a wine label from any one of the following countries – France, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Chile, Argentine, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. The contestants will draw lots to select country and at the end of allotted time, they will have to present their creation to the judging panel.

3. Empty wine bottles (assorted designs) will be provided by the college.

4. All relevant information relating to the assigned country’s wine labelling regulations should be incorporated into the label.

II. Menu planning & table laying

1. The contestant should plan a four course menu, based on the equipment provided.

2. Menu is to be made on paper and the required stationery items (such as charts, sketch pens) should be brought by the contestants as it would not be provided by the college.

3. Each dish should be described in one or two appetite whetting sentences. Each course should be paired with a suitable wine and one sample cover should be laid to match the given brief.

4. Judges may ask the contestant questions about items on the menu or general knowledge.

5.Each contestant will be judged (among other aspects) on his/her ability to:

a. Demonstrate creativity in selecting food items and wine

b. Provide explanations of menu & wine choices

6. No props can be used in the competition.

7. Judges’ decision is final.