Manipal Academy of Higher Education & WGSHA


  • Number of Participants
  • Date and Time
  • Venue
  • Themes For Preformance
Number of Participants

Number of participants allowed:         1 Team/College with:

                                                                Min of 6 per team

                                                                Max of 8 per team

Date and Time
Themes For Preformance


• Entries will be accepted in the following categories: vocal, dance, dramatics, instrumental, comedy, magic,(if conducive to the stage setting).

• Due to set-up time limitations (no longer than one minute), acts with more than three single instruments or acts that include full drum sets will not be included in the Talent Show. Lip sync is not allowed.

• Obscenity in content and costumes will not be permitted.

• Props: Only those props that can be carried on by the performer or performer's assistant and that do not require extensive set-up are allowed. Fire, smoke, knives, throwing of glitter, etc. will be not be allowed.

• All participants must carry attested college I.D. Cards at all times

• All participants should report half an hour before the start of an event and be ready to perform else they will be given walk over and won’t be allowed to participate at a later slot. If a participant is given walk over the next participant should be ready to perform immediately, else will face walkover.

• Student coordinators should submit audio files of items in MP3 format ONLY at Registration desk on arrival; else they will be given walk over and disqualified for the event.