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 Restaurant service skills

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Number of Participants

Number of participants allowed:         2 per team

Date and Time

Aim of the contest is to judge the classical service skills in a fine dine restaurant.


Format of the event:

The contestants are expected to set a table, serve a 4 course menu comprising of Starter, Soup, Main course, Dessert along with a Classical Cocktail.


Rules for the Competition

The contestants will use the equipment and supplies provided by the organizer and will not carry any equipment of their own.

The contestants are required to lay 4 covers for the menu provided by the organizer.

The list of equipment and ingredients provided by the organizer will be displayed on the previous day.

Each contestant will be given total of 2 hours and 5 minutes for laying 4 covers, preparation of a classical cocktail and classical service. The time limit bifurcation is mentioned below:

Time limit for laying 4 covers: 45 Minutes

Time limit for preparing a classical cocktail: 20 minutes

Time limit for Classical Service: 60 Minutes.

The list of Classical cocktails which the contestants can make will be displayed on the previous day of the event.