Date: 29th February 2020
Reporting Time and Briefing : 09:00 AM
Number of Participants : 1
Organizing committee : Ms.Anusha.Pai (9886017745) Mr.Abhijit Saralaya (9972645060)


1. Participant is required to create one centrepiece using dry flowers and no assistance should be taken from any third party.

2. Theme of the arrangement: International Festivals.

3. Dry flowers, twigs, decorative dry sticks can be used to accessorize and depict the theme. All materials are to be brought by the participant.

4. Each contestant will be supplied with any two containers/vases to choose from. Floral foam, floral tape and floral wire will be provided by the college.

5.No electrical point will be provided.

6. The centrepiece shall not exceed the allotted space.

7. Participant must describe the theme to the judges through explanation or using display content. He/she must be able to explain the budget required to make the centrepiece.

8. Time limit: 75 mins (15 mins for Set up of workstation, 45 mins for assembling of arrangement, 15 mins for clearing of workstation). At the conclusion of the allotted time, all work must cease.

9. Judging will be based on:
Design (all 6 principles considered): 25
Interpretation of the concept/theme :20
Creativity: 15
Level of detail: 15
Green Initiative: 15
Condition: 10
Total :100

10. Judges’ decision is final.