Date of the competition : 28 th of February 2020
Reporting Time and Briefing : 10.40 AM
Number of Participants : 2
Organizing committee : Chef Kali (Lead) – (7760248702), Chef Manoj (9686456443), Chef Daya (9740993216), Chef Nischal, Chef Manan


1. As the Name of the competition suggests – This competition will focus on “Lesser known sub regional Indian cuisine / forgotten recipes” – the interpretation of which solely lies in the discretion of the organizing committee and the judges.

2. The student will have access to a limited pantry of vegetables, spices and staples.

3. The non-vegetarian protein will be allotted as per pick of lots. (As this is a competition based on sub regional cuisines, if a particular protein is required by a team, it may be provided based on availability at the discretion of the organizing committee.

4. The team may also opt not to use a particular protein after informing the organizing committee and go fully vegetarian.

5. Basic ingredients, equipment, utensils, serving plates and platter will be provided.

6. Each participating team have to prepare and present food on theme of sub regional Indian Cuisine.

7. Theme can include any sub regional cuisine or lesser known cuisines of India.

8. Teams can bring their own ingredients in terms of whole spices (NOT spice powders (single or compound), whole vegetables (fresh NOT dried), Cooking Utensils and serving utensils. Anything brought by the teams have to pass through the organizing committee. No premixes or batters or pre-prepared items may be used, even if it is a part of that cuisine.

9. Each team has to present ONE MAIN COURSE (concept of main course need not be protein based as in western cuisine, but can also be starch or broth based as in eastern cuisine – but limited to INDIA)

10. Each main course should have the appropriate accompaniments from a minimum of THREE to a maximum of SIX. Anything excess will be removed by organizing committee before presenting to judges.

11. Accompaniments can include but not limited to pickles, chutneys, breads, starches, accompanying minor dishes, complementary or contrasting dishes etc.

12. The products will be judged on:
a) Taste (40%)
b) Authenticity / Adherence to theme (25%)
c) Textures and appropriateness of Accompaniments (25%)
d) Story / explanation to the judges (10%)

13. Further sub-division of the broad parameters is at the discretion of the organizing committee.

14. Presentation platters / utensils carry no additional marks.